Install bazaar with local user and non root privilege

If you check bzr INSTALL file for installation instructions you will find there are two modes in which
bazaar installation can be done.

1. To install bzr as a user, run ( non root)

python install --home ~/bzr-installation-directory

2. To install system-wide, run (as root)

python install

For installing bazaar as a non root user follow the below steps.

  • Create a directory under HOME
mkdir $HOME/bazaar
  • Download the bazaar source code and un-tar in above directory
tar -xvf bzr-2.7.0.tar.gz
  • Run install command in source code directory
 python install --home $HOME/bazaar/bzr-2.7.0/

This will create three directories – lib64 , man and bin.

  • Set PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variables
 export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bazaar/bzr-2.7.0/bin/
 export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/bazaar/bzr-2.7.0/lib64/python

One comment

  1. Please explain how to set up bazaar in client server mode

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